Quality laser cutting with DC-01

Numerous expert studies establish the indisputable link between the material surface characteristics and the quality of laser cutting.

When it’s a question of the precision of metal manufacturing, it is automatically linked to cold-pressed low-carbonized steel, such as, for example, DC-01, and this should not come as a surprise, since cold-pressed steel is made from hot-pressed steel.

If we look around, we will notice that the world around us (buildings, trains, etc.) is primarily made of hot-pressed steel. That is why this manufacturing segment requires a high level of precision execution that the effectiveness of laser cutting can deliver.

During the process, certain characteristics, such as the thickness of the pressed material or the quality of the surface of the processed element primarily impact the quality of the laser cutting.

Additional consideration should be given to variables stemming from the performance of the cutting machine itself, such as fluid flow, laser strength, focal points, pulsating frequencies, etc.


Choice of material: prerequisite to quality laser cutting

The mentioned variables cannot be influenced almost at all. However, the quality of the material itself can be impacted, or, to be precise, we can choose the quality of the surface. Experts have determined that, regardless of the thickness of the metal sheet being processed, the surface of the material has a large influence on the quality of laser cutting.

They concluded that a quality material for laser cutting needs to be flat, with a smooth surface. Hot-pressed steel sheets have characteristics of a soft material of clean surface when treated with acidic and oily substances. On such a medium, the laser can perform a much more precise cut. However, at a microscopic level, hot-pressed sheets display certain performance imprecisions. That is why experts suggest cold-pressed low-carbon steel, such as our product DC-01.


The importance of choice of material with adequate surface

Experts are unanimous in one point – the surface of the material has a much bigger impact on the quality of edges than any other parameter.

Some metal distributers use puffers for coating the surface, subsequently applying a layer of oil. That can help to a degree, but doesn’t remove all the scale and air gas that serve as acidity agents.

Cutting parameters can differ according to climate in the shop and various other factors. This, of course, includes correct maintenance of the machine.

Bad optics will create a bad cut, regardless of the quality of the material. But, if you give a well-maintained laser cutting machine a consistent material with a flat, smooth surface, simple use of original factory settings of the cutting machine can get you close to perfection in cutting.

Therefore, in metal purchase, you should take into account all the above mentioned facts in choosing the best for your business.

Leave the purchase of high-quality metal for laser cutting to us.

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