About us

Company profile

In business conditions where purchasing high-quality metal sheets for laser cutting presents a challenge on large and small markets alike, KASTEEL INDUSTRY Ltd. recognizes the potential of its own vision and focuses on the procurement of high-quality metal for laser cutting.

The founders come to Croatia and choose the Croatian market for conducting their business, recognizing the market’s need for high-quality services, a competent approach to partnership and for a reliable partner for the purchase of metal sheets for laser cutting.

Having assembled a team of competent and experienced experts, we focused on forming firm partnerships with foreign distributers that can ensure top quality goods, as well as long-term secure delivery of metal sheets for laser cutting.

We are building our stronghold on strategic partnerships with the most relevant industry manufacturers, in order to guarantee the delivery of high-quality metal sheets for laser cutting to our clients, always within agreed deadlines.

All our products have the 3.1. certificate.

Our vision

We have assembled a team of leading experts in the field of purchasing high-quality metal for your business. We rely on the most dependable and best distributors from international markets, in order to deliver the best materials available in the marketplace to you.

Our mission

Our mission are satisfied partners that build their trust based on our service excellence. The delivery of the best materials from our reliable international distributors within agreed deadlines – that is our imperative. Having realized the key needs of our clients, we conduct business with the aim of successfully fulfilling their business goals.

The key pillar of our business is quality guarantee, from day 1. This is why we choose the most experienced and most competent international partners that are synonymous with quality in our line of business.

We leave the choice of high-quality products to our team of experts. They have valuable international expertise and experience in the field of procurement, processing and sales of various types of metal.

Our advantage is in our strong focus on excellence. To that end, we have assembled a team of experts in the field that have a valuable network of leading international experts, through which they deliver high quality products and services to the Croatian market. Our key goal are satisfied clients have trust us to handle their raw materials procurement.

Leave the purchase of high-quality metal for laser cutting to us.

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