Leave the purchase of high-quality metal for laser cutting to us.

The industries we work for

Automobile industry

We purchase and deliver steel materials for our automobile industry business partners.


We believe in the strength of tradition in shipbuilding and strive to contribute with high-quality products and reliable partnership.

Petroleum and oil industry

An important factor in the modern economic prosperity of society as a whole. With focused achievement on business results, we make a difference. Every day.

Processing industry

Modern business trends require creativity and motivation – by choosing strategic partners, we choose the business road to excellence.

Civil engineering

We recognize some of the largest potentials for a fruitful and pragmatic partnership in the civil engineering industry. We guarantee a good business result, because we believe in our products.

Agricultural machinery manufacture

The manufacture of agricultural machinery is in lock-step with trends in ecologic awareness and a pragmatic way of life.

An overview of all the industries we work for can be found here.

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